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Not every property displayed on this website are eligible for lease with option to purchase program. The purpose of properties displayed on this website is solely to identify potential properties to lease with option to purchase through Home Partners of America program and are subject to terms and conditions and are subject to removal of sale and approval through Home Partners of America. Home Partners enables approved residents to find a home that they want to rent and would like to eventually buy through Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. These properties are not available for the program directly through the property owner.

Rent to own in Apple Valley

The Minnesota real estate market is constantly moving and growing, and for those looking for homes in the south metro, Apple Valley rent to own homes are an excellent path to homeownership. Lease with a right to purchase homes in Apple Valley offer renters OR buyers the unique opportunity to literally try before they buy. In a city with so many amenities and benefits, an Apple Valley lease with a right to purchase home can take the pressure out of the home-searching process!

Why try a ‘slice’ of Apple Valley?

Rent to own homes in Apple Valley are surrounded by excellent schools, natural beauty and some of Minnesota’s favorite recreational spots. Apple Valley lease with a right to purchase homes come with:

  • A city that Money Magazine named among the Top 20 Places to Live in the US
  • 3 brand new elementary-level magnet schools, including Cedar Park Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,  Diamond Path International Studies,.and Glacier Hills Arts and Science magnet elementaries
  • The sprawling and nationally recognized Minnesota Zoo, including 100s of animals and zoological garden
  • Easy access to Interstate Hwy 35E, Cedar Avenue and County Rd 42 along with Highway 77
  • Gorgeous parks and recreation areas, including Farquar Park, which features volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, canoeing and kayaking
  • A high school magnet option known as the School of Environmental Studies, which allows juniors and seniors to study nature and biology in an immersive environment
  • And so much more!


Wow, you’ve got my attention, but why rent to own in Apple Valley?

All kinds of people may find benefits in Apple Valley rent to own homes. Some may find that they’re ready for single-family living, but don’t have enough for a substantial down payment or buying expenses. Others may be ready to buy, but hesitant to commit to any one area right away. Even those interested solely in renting can enjoy dozens of additional housing options, which can be a game changer in a competitive rental market.

Apply For Approval

Prospective Residents start the processes by filling out a Pre Qualification Application that checks key issues.

Find A Home

Prospective Residents will work with REALTOR tio find a home in approved community.

Home Partners Buys the Home, You Lease the Home

Prospective Residents will be required to sign a one year Lease for home as well as a Right to Purchase Agreement

Buy From Home Partners

We buy the home.You lease it and have the right to buy it later if you want to.

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