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We have the most Rent To Own in MN options than any other real estate service in Minnesota! Rent To Own programs that we work with are flexible and allow you to rent a home now and buy later! You can choose from available homes for sale in MN regardless if it is offered for rent or not!

Unlike many rent to own programs or lease options, there is no obligation to buy the home you rent and no non-refundable option fees or down payments to worry about unless you decide to commit to a house you love!

Want to Buy a Home but not approved for mortgage?

If you are someone who is thinking of buying a home but are not sure if you are ready yet and want to rent a home instead, or if you are someone who wants to buy a home now but doesn’t qualify for a mortgage, then rent to own or a lease with option to buy might be a perfect choice for you! Let us know what your needs are and lets see what we can do for you!

Looking to Rent a Home in MN?

Lease with Option to Purchase programs that we work with allow you to simply rent a home in MN without any obligation of buying. You can keep renting a home up to 5 years and if you end up falling in love with it and decide to stay – you are welcome to buy it! Otherwise you can give a 60 days notice and move on with your home search! You’d be surprised when you see all the rental homes in MN that we have!

If you are just looking to rent a home in MN and are not thinking of buying, don’t worry – we can still help you find a perfect rental for you! We have tons of single family, town homes, and twin homes available for rent in MN to choose from.

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If you are looking to buy a home in MN and thought that rent to own might be your only option – you might want to talk to one of our real estate agents!

We constantly receive phone calls from people looking for rent to own homes that don’t even know that they qualify for first time home buyer programs and can buy a house without having to come up with creative ways of securing a property!

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Are you thinking of selling a home and renting a home instead? Or do you just want to sell a home and move to another home but afraid won’t qualify for home financing?  If so, you are int he right place. We can help you sell your home and help you find a home on rent to own, contract for deed, or lease with option to buy terms!

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