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Not every property displayed on this website are eligible for lease with option to purchase program. The purpose of properties displayed on this website is solely to identify potential properties to lease with option to purchase through Home Partners of America program and are subject to terms and conditions and are subject to removal of sale and approval through Home Partners of America. Home Partners enables approved residents to find a home that they want to rent and would like to eventually buy through Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. These properties are not available for the program directly through the property owner.

Rent to Own in Coon Rapids

If a city with A+ convenience and some of the most ‘Minnesota nice’ people you’ll ever meet sounds like a win-win, then a Coon Rapids lease with a right to purchase home could be your best play! There are many types of Minnesota rent to own homes, and some of the top choices are in Coon Rapids. Whether you’re aiming to test out a potential area or simply expand your list of rental options, you will be enchanted by rent to own homes in Coon Rapids!

What’s to love in Coon Rapids?

What isn’t there to love in Coon Rapids? Coon Rapids rent to own homes come packed with amenities and benefits, such as:

  • Priority access to Post Secondary Enrollment Options and College in Schools programs, AKA free college credit opportunities
  • Over 1000 businesses, both large and small
  • The water slides, pools and sunbathing decks at Bunker Beach Waterpark
  • 2 regional parks, 48 public parks and more than 40 miles of trails
  • Anoka-Hennepin Public School District 11, including the award-winning Coon Rapids High School and its 2800 students
  • Great neighboring cities like Blaine, Andover, Ham Lake, Champlin, Anoka, Brooklyn Park and Ramsey, many of which also have beautiful Minnesota rent to own homes
  • The upcoming Northern Lights Express Passenger Rail, which will shuttle residents to and from Duluth without troublesome traffic or hours spent behind the wheel
  • Gorgeous lakes like Crooked Lake and Cenaiko Lake
  • One of Minnesota’s first and strongest agricultural industries, and a long history of strong industries since
  • A Project Lead the Way biomedical program at Coon Rapids High School to help students prepare for careers in the biomedical field
  • The Coon Rapids 4th of July Celebration, which attracts visitors from all over with show-stopping fireworks, a parade, a carnival and more

That sounds awesome! But why should I rent to own in Coon Rapids?

Minnesota rent to own homes offer benefits to many kinds of residents. Some may be looking to buy, but haven’t saved up enough money for a down payment. Others may simply want to rent a home in Coon Rapids for the time being, but find themselves in a dry rental market. Even more house-hunters may need to get a feel for a city or community before making a long-term and binding commitment. Our peers at Home Partners help make the process simple for all kinds of potential buyers with transparency and diligence.

What are the steps?

Apply For Approval

Prospective Residents start the processes by filling out a Pre Qualification Application that checks key issues.

Find A Home

Prospective Residents will work with REALTOR tio find a home in approved community.

Home Partners Buys the Home, You Lease the Home

Prospective Residents will be required to sign a one year Lease for home as well as a Right to Purchase Agreement

Buy From Home Partners

We buy the home.You lease it and have the right to buy it later if you want to.

Your lease will renew annually, and you are welcome to purchase the home at any time throughout the lease. If the home isn’t right for you, you can walk away with zero penalty or obligation! For more information, please visit our FAQs section or contact The Antonov Group.

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