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Not every property displayed on this website are eligible for lease with option to purchase program. The purpose of properties displayed on this website is solely to identify potential properties to lease with option to purchase through Home Partners of America program and are subject to terms and conditions and are subject to removal of sale and approval through Home Partners of America. Home Partners enables approved residents to find a home that they want to rent and would like to eventually buy through Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. These properties are not available for the program directly through the property owner.

Rent to Own in Bloomington

When it comes to finding a property in one of our favorite cities, potential homeowners should consider a rent to own home in Bloomington. Whether you’re looking to relocate near the Mall of America or settle into a relaxing home in any of Bloomington’s gorgeous green spaces, Bloomington rent to own homes can help you get there!

Why should I be excited about Bloomington?

Bloomington lease with a right to purchase homes come with all the amenities, shops, restaurants, parks and more in this city. Your Bloomington rental home will feature access to:

  • The 5th largest city in Minnesota
  • 15 public schools, 9 of which are Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence
  • The 9th largest indoor waterpark in America
  • Ski areas and Nordic ski jumps that are frequented by US Olympic ski jumpers
  • Headquarters of heavy hitters like HealthPartners, Toro, Donaldson Co and Ceridian
  • The home of the only show that The Beatles ever played in the Twin Cities
  • Minnesota’s famous Mall of America, which will be adding even MORE shopping and dining options as it enters construction of its “Phase 2” addition
  • Great nearby suburbs such as Eagan, Burnsville, Shakopee, Minnetonka, Apple Valley and Prior Lake
  • A continuously growing suburb- Bloomington has grown 9 times its size since its incorporation as a city
  • More jobs per capita than EITHER of the Twin Cities
  • 4 local colleges, and the University of Minnesota Twin Cities nearby
  • Convenient roadways like I35W and I494
  • Over 1000 square feet of parkland per capita

Why should I rent to own in Bloomington?

There are many situations in which a Bloomington rent to own homes could be the best choice for you. Maybe you’re ready to buy a home, but don’t have the funds for a sizeable down payment, or perhaps you want to live in Bloomington, but aren’t sure in which area you’re ready to settle down. Maybe you’re just looking to rent a home in MN for now, but have found the local rental options disappointing, and you’d like to expand your pool of options. In any of these scenarios, you could see many benefits in leasing with a right to purchase in Bloomington, starting with a simple and transparent process.

What are the steps?

Apply For Approval

Prospective Residents start the processes by filling out a Pre Qualification Application that checks key issues.

Find A Home

Prospective Residents will work with REALTOR tio find a home in approved community.

Home Partners Buys the Home, You Lease the Home

Prospective Residents will be required to sign a one year Lease for home as well as a Right to Purchase Agreement

Buy From Home Partners

We buy the home.You lease it and have the right to buy it later if you want to.

After you’ve moved in, you have the right to purchase the home. If you find that the home isn’t right for you, you also have the right to end your lease annually with NO PENALTY so long as you are within the bounds of your Lease with a Right to Purchase Agreement. The Antonov Group has a strong background in lease with a right to purchase real estate, and we’re excited to help you find your best rent to own home in Bloomington! !

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